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Educating and activating health professionals to work toward health equity.

Improving Institutional Health Equity Checklist

While the downstream causes of health inequities are myriad, we can begin to advance health equity and decrease health disparities by looking at our own practices, and those of the clinics, hospitals, and systems we work in.  The only way we can close an equity gap is to first know that one exists, and then marshal the resources and the institutional will to eliminate it. While Minnesota is a leader in healthcare delivery and innovation, there are still significant health disparities that exist along racial and socioeconomic lines.  

Questions to ask yourself, your colleagues, and your leaders about what your hospital, clinic, and system are doing to advance health equity:

  • Is there an equity infrastructure?
    • Is there a person or committee responsible for coordinating health equity work?
    • Does that person or committee report to a person or group able to enact recommendations, alter the budget, set policies, and make priorities?
    • Are those recommendations followed?
    • Does the health equity committee set attainable, measurable, and time bound goals to improve health equity?
  • Are data broken down by Race, Ethnicity and Language (REL)?
    • Is the REL data widely distributed?
    • Is it used to drive quality improvement projects?
    • Is it delivered directly to front-line providers?
  • Is there education around racial equity?
    • Implicit bias training?
    • Cultural humility training?
    • Training on the use of interpreters?
  • Does the organization actively engage with the community?
    • Is the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) created jointly with the communities the hospital serves?
    • Is it widely distributed and are the recommendations enacted?
    • Are there ongoing hospital-community partnerships?
  • What is the interpreter services program or strategy?
  • What is the strategy around hiring for diversity?


Educating and activating health professionals to work toward health equity


Health Professionals will use their voice, knowledge, and influence to eliminate the inequities that exist in health and healthcare, while working effectively with their patients, health systems, communities, and decision makers to address health equity wherever they live, work, learn, and play.

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